Tree Planting

A. Matt Tree Service – New Trees & Tree Planting Services in Forth Worth, TX

A. Matt Tree Service not only provides tree shaping, stump grinding, and hazardous tree removal but
also tree planting to all of Fort Worth, TX. We plant trees for residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout the area. Our knowledgeable staff provides a higher level of services when it comes to tree planting and other tree services. We go above and beyond to guarantee your trees have the proper care to flourish. We all know that the world could always use more trees!  

Tree Planting Services

Trees are one of the many ways you can help the environment. Each tree can provide many benefits, not only to you but to your property. At A. Matt Tree Service, we take pride in knowing that we do our part to protect the environment and our world. Unlike many companies, we will not just plant any tree and leave. A. Matt Tree Services foes above and beyond by giving you advice on how to tend to your trees, nourish them and ensure they grow. We are highly knowledgeable in how the wonderful Texas heat affects trees and will only plant trees that we know will flourish in the hot Texas weather. We plant various types of trees for properties in and around Fort Worth, TX. We do it all, from beautiful residential trees to trees that provide coverage and a purpose. We realize the many elements that go into residential and industrial tree planting and care and will share our knowledge and experience with our clients, ensuring that trees will prosper in the Texas weather. As your trees grow, you will need regular maintenance to make sure they remain healthy. A. Matt Tree Service is here to provide you with all the tree services you need. Our team does everything from tree shaping and pruning to tree topping and trimming!

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