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Fallen tree in Blue Mound getting ready for removalA. Matt Tree Service provides tree services and pool demolition to the Justin, TX and neighboring cities. Our team has over a decade in the tree service industry, and we are fully certified, licensed and insured to ensure only the best in tree care services. Our certified professionals offer tree services, tree care, swimming pool demo, and dirt fill to residential and commercial properties. For same-day service or free estimates, give us a call! Our team is available for any services you may need or questions you may have!


Justin, TX is part of Denton County and a suburb of Fort Worth. Justin, TX is a predominately residential area but does have some smaller businesses. A. Matt Tree Service is happy to provide our tree services to all of Justin, TX. From necessary tree maintenance to tree removal and stump grinding, our team offers top tree care to all of Justin, TX and the neighboring areas. Our licensed experts also provide swimming pool demolition and dirt fill services for all of Justin, TX. If you need high-quality tree care, give us a call. Our team is available for emergency services and free estimates.

Tree Services

Finding the right tree service can be hard. Luckily, Justin, TX has A. Matt Tree Service. Our tree care specialists are all insured, certified, and licensed to bring you the best in tree services. We do it all, from hazardous tree removal to emergency tree services and landscaping. With over a decade in the tree care business, we guarantee our tree services and use only the highest-quality products available.

Below are some of the great tree services we provide to residential and commercial properties:

• Hazardous Tree Removal
• Emergency Tree Services
• Storm Damaged Tree Removal
• Tree Topping
• Stump Removal and Grinding
• Tree Shaping
• Tree Pruning
• Top Soil and Mulch Care
• Landscape Installation
• Tree Evaluation and Maintenance Services

For more information on our emergency tree services, tree care, or to schedule an evaluation, give us a call!

Healthy tree on a Blue Mound residential propertyTree Care

Tree care isn’t at the top of most people’s to-do list. Once trees begin to look diseased, sick, or become infested with insects, it is too late. This is when people usually contact a tree care specialist to look at their trees. A. Matt Tree Service understands how crucial proper tree care is and is proud to offer tree care to residential and commercial properties, in and around Justin, TX. Tree care is essential for healthy trees. Trees can become overcrowded, making them a storm hazard. Overcrowding can also cause your tree to become sick, from lack of oxygen. If trees do not get the right amount of sunlight and oxygen, they will begin to die. We counter this, by tree pruning. Trees also need special sprays to prevent insect infestation and disease. Our team is licensed to provide all types of tree care services. Our tree care specialists will not only evaluate the health of your trees, but we will also keep them from insects and
diseases. We will work closely with our clients to ensure trees are not a storm hazard and that you receive regular tree care maintenance.

Swimming Pool Demo & Dirt Fill

Swimming pools are a great way to beat the Justin, TX, heat, but they can also be a major hassle. Pools take a lot of time and maintenance and can be dangerous. This is especially the case if you have younger children, as in-ground pools are more accessible, making them a hazard. A. Matt Tree Service provides swimming pool demolition for both residential and commercial properties. We not only demo your
swimming pool, but we will take away the debris and fill the large hole. A swimming pool will leave a massive hole in the ground, making your property less valuable. We provide dirt fill services to ensure your property looks beautiful. If you need information on pool demolition, debris removal, dirt fill, or tree care services, give us a call. Our team provides same-day services and free estimates.


A. Matt Tree Service is the top choice for tree care services and swimming pool demolition for Justin, TX. Our tree care specialists provide services to Justin, Fort Worth, and other neighboring areas of Texas. We offer our services to commercial and residential properties in the area. We remove trees, provide tree pruning, storm damage clean up, tree care maintenance, swimming pool demolition, and dirt fill. If
you want healthy trees that will last a lifetime, give us a call. Our number one goal is the well-being of your trees and your satisfaction. We provide affordable same-day services, free estimates, and emergency tree services.

Call us today at (817) 391-8899 or fill out our online contact form.

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